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           The charge for our Web Tracking Server Renewal is only £15 per year.   

Our server can be configured to your requirements.  

Please feel free to contact us for advice or support.  



With GeoFencing on our server you are able to make a virtual perimeter around a geographic area. Alerts can be triggered and sent direct to you by email or sms when your tracker enters or leaves a defined area.


Track history can be displayed on the map and can show a range of information such as Speed, Time, Stops etc.

In addition a wide range of reports are available to either View, Download or Print.

Our Server can store 90 days tracking history for later viewing or analysing.

History Track Review and Reports

In GPS tracking mode you will see your current location on the map, or the last position when your GPS connection was active. Additional information can be seen by clicking on the vehicle icon on the map.

Real-Time tracking 24/7

Currently our software supports 94 formats of 176 models and 82 vendors.

All popular makes of GPS Tracker can be installed onto our UK Web Server  Coban, Xexun, CGuard, Easy-Track, GlobalSat, Meiligao Meitrack, Naviset, Queclink.Concox,Teltonika etc.

 We can also provide support for Generic GPS Trackers such as TK-110, GT02, GT06, GT07, Gt09, TK-810 and many more.
Please message us for advice or for a complete list of supported GPS Trackers.
If required we can remotely set-up your GPS Tracker onto our platform.

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